Getting Ready

Are you ready? “Ready for what?” you might ask.

I’m in the process of continuing to get ready for the 2019-2020 school year. It’s a continuous process for me, with a few breaks and side tracks here and there, but what I want to do at school is rarely far from my mind.

This year I’ll have a little bit smaller group (though you never know – there’s still about 3 weeks to go where we might get more students). My room is a multi-grade room grades 1-4. Currently I have 3 in first grade, 5 in second grade, 1 in third grade, and 3 in fourth grade. The boys outnumber the girls 9 to 3. So, if you’re a girl in grades 1 – 4 considering coming our way!

One of my favorite parts about teaching is leading music. Yesterday I finished blocking out the majority of the songs we will be singing or on which we will accompany with tone chimes, rhythm instruments, or recorders. We have a few xylophones I’d like to get more use out of this year as well. We have such beautiful singers. It is a joy and a blessing to work with them. I pray music becomes a vital part of their lives and that they continue using the skills they learn throughout their lives.

Time to head back to work! Til next time . . .Rita