What we believe

That the Bible is God’s verbally inspired Word, and is the only sure guide to heaven.

That the God of the Bible, the triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit— is the only true God.

That Jesus Christ, born at Bethlehem and crucified on Calvary, is the son of God and therefore true God himself.
That we are sinful, deserving eternal damnation, and left to ourselves can do nothing to save ourselves.

That Jesus Christ by his life, death and bodily resurrection has procured for us forgiveness of sins, and has purchased for us eternal life, which through the Gospel is now offered to us and everyone as a free gift of God.

That in return for God’s goodness to us, we now owe him a life of service and obedience.

That infants as well as adults should be baptized and that through baptism the pardon procured by Christ is extended to the person who is baptized.

That according to his wisdom and love God answers every prayer addressed to him in faith and in the name of Jesus.

That the hereafter consists of heaven (eternal life) for the true believers and hell (eternal damnation) for the unbelievers; that both are without end, and that faith in Christ at the end of life will lead to heaven while unbelief at the end of life will lead to hell.

That in Holy Communion the true body and blood of Christ are received with the bread and wine, and that those who partake of it in true repentance and faith receive the forgiveness procured for all by Christ.

That it is the duty of every Christian to sustain and develop as well as confess their faith by regular church attendance.

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